Cold Games DB V2 Beta Version (Expect Bugs)

After working on the overhaul of this app for a while, I’ve decided to make the “In Development” version of it public.

IMPORTANT: This is a very early beta version, so you can definitely expect to see bugs, BACKUP YOUR FILES!

New Features / Changes compared to Version 1.x:

  • Overhauled main window and game edit window
  • Additional properties for games, like:
    • Set one Platform of a game as Main Platform
    • Series/Franchise
    • Replayability (e.g. “Multiple Endings”, “Branching Story” etc.)
    • Game Modes
    • Personal Best Time (in hours and minutes)
    • Game Progress now has additional Sub-Items per Progress Item and each Progress Item can have a Category
  • Importing Games from Cold Games DB Version 1.x  instead of converting the old files (so your old data stays safe)

NOTE: Not all features from the old version are in the new one yet (like the Steam Import and IGDB Info Import), more will be added over time.

Click Once Installer (requires online connection during install, not when using the app, includes an  in-app updater, currently checks for a new version on each app start):
Download here

Standalone version (no in-app updater, might be added once the app is further along): Download here


Main Window

Game Edit Window

Import (from old file) Window