Cold Games Database 1.1

After some time of just using the app for keeping track of my own games, I got myself some more motivation to work on my little game collection organizer.

With this version, I revamped the filter functionality of the program, now you can select the type of filter from a drop-down list and add filters to a set-list. These filter combinations can also be saved as pre-sets and later loaded again. These pre-sets are saved in the game collection file, so you have access to them on every computer you open the file on.

The other thing that I changed is that you can now switch from the filters to an info tab where some data of the currently selected game is shown. This is a lot better than the previous view in my opinion because you still have the game list in view.

Click Once Installer (needs internet connection during installation)

Portable Version (just extract to anywhere and run)

Example Screenshot:


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