Old Video Game Magazines – Gamers 02/93

The February/March issue, released in January. Lots of things shown in the preview of the last issue did NOT happen, due to varying reasons. Staff-related issues caused the Joystick/Joypad-Review to be delayed AGAIN, while most of the games listed did not release on time.

On the difficulty of games – A funny discovery

As I am in the process of reading through old issues of magazines I bought at the time (from 92 onwards), something caught my eye in the latest one (Gamers issue 4/92): For the English readers, here’s the relevant part translated:

Old Video Game Magazines – Gamers 03/92

The June/July issue, released in May. From this issue on, the writing team was expanded to 3 people: Boris Schneider, Heinrich Lenhardt and Torsten Oppermann. Their workload in this issue seems to have been relatively uneven though. Heinrich Lenhardt’s name is signed under a lot of the reviews, with Boris Schneider following second (though quite…

Software Recommendation – SpeedCommander

Alternative file managers go back to DOS times with the prominent example Norton Commander (though it wasn’t the first of its kind), showing two file/directory listings side by side to better manage content of floppies, hard drives etc. While with each new OS version the default file manager improved, the market for alternative file managers…

Playing older Games – The Black Mirror (2003)

Having just reached the fourth chapter (out of 6 overall), I decided I’d write down some of my thoughts on the game so far, mainly from the technical and design perspective. At the time of writing, the game is now 14 years old, so on both of those aspects, the game isn’t quite fresh anymore,…

Game Releases – Rest of 2017

Update (22.10.2017 19:04): added info to the .hack//G.U. Last Recode entry that I was reminded of by a comment. As the year is coming close to its end, we approach the holiday season, meaning there are still some game releases left to come. Here are some entries that could be interesting.

Gaming Opinion – Big Budget Single Player Games „Over“?

Recently the news came out that Electronic Arts are closing Visceral Games (for once not a studio they bought at some point), the Star Wars game they had in development is being given to another of their development studios and that it’s going to be taken into a different direction (due to “changes in the…