Currently Playing – Anvil of Dawn (1)

This first post in the “Currently Playing” series won’t be from the start of Anvil of Dawn, as I already put several hours into the game before the idea popped into my head. But from this point on I am going to summarize what I am playing, what happens during play-sessions, thoughts I have during…

Nintendo Direct Mini January 11th, 2018

Nintendo’s Marketing seems strange sometimes… most Nintendo Directs in the past have had announcements ahead of their release, even if they didn’t have all that much new info. And now a few days ago they drop a “Mini” Direct out of pretty much nowhere (from what I have seen there have only been some rumours,…

Old Video Game Magazines – Video Games 01/91

The first ever issue of the magazine, released in March of 1991. Created to be a special for the “Power Play” magazine that focused on computer games, this magazine was for all video game consoles and handhelds popular at the time and in the end ran for 10 years.

Old Video Game Magazines – Gamers 03/93

The April/May issue, released in March. Due to the release date this is essentially the 1-year anniversary issue. The editorial at the beginning announces 3 newcomers: Julian Eggebrecht, Reza Abdolali (who should be familiar to readers of the previous issues, as he won the Sega Euro Championship) and Carsten Schmitz. In the CES report we…

Old Video Game Magazines – Gamers 02/93

The February/March issue, released in January. Lots of things shown in the preview of the last issue did NOT happen, due to varying reasons. Staff-related issues caused the Joystick/Joypad-Review to be delayed AGAIN, while most of the games listed did not release on time.