Cold Games Database 1.3 – IGDB API (Beta) Integration

A new feature this time!

Since IGDB have a free API available, I decided to look into how I could implement that into my app.

So in this release (as a BETA feature, make sure to make a copy of your data just in case) I have added to ability to import data to game entries from IGDB. Currently you are able to set/add the following data: release date, genre(s), platform(s) and description.


1. Select new context menu entry while having one game selected

2. Usually you get a selection list back, chose the title that is correct for the game

3. Select the data you want to add

4. Done


ClickOnce Installer (needs Internet connection during installation, “Check for Update” option in “?” menu active)

Portable Version (just exctract to any directory and run)

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